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Il Gourmet | Francesco Musante

by Arte Focus™

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Il Gourmet | Francesco Musante

by Arte Focus™

Regular price€122,00 Sale price

Born in Genoa in 1950, Francesco Musante graduated first at the Liceo Artistico in the Ligurian capital and then at the Albertina branch of Fine Arts in Turin.



His first artistic experiments date back to 1967: mostly abstract research on large colour fields. The following year he began to exhibit his works in group exhibitions, painting competitions and awards.
The works of the years 69-70 were influenced by Pop Art and Rauschenberg's Combine Paintings: clear references to America through the use of lettering and the inclusion of objects and wood.
Starting in 1971, Musante decided to be a full-time artist.

In 1975 there was a change of direction: Musante devoted himself to figurative painting, initially creating a series of female figures inspired by Klimt and the Vienna Secession. A theme that he would dissect over the course of ten years, using the most diverse techniques - from watercolour to oil, collage and engraving - and various media - canvas, wood, ceramics, plate, paper.

Gradually, he also began to work with graphics and watercolours, where the first narrative and fantastic cues that characterise his work from 1985 to the present day can be glimpsed: his 'little men' appear that seem to have come out of a storybook and are placed in contexts full of objects, characters and words. Musante's paintings finally move away from dramatic atmospheres and become lighter.

In Francesco Musante's works, the comic protagonists float in surreal atmospheres, in which the visual experience is accompanied by poetic phrases that sometimes evoke characters such as Fabrizio de Andrè, Pablo Neruda and Hans Christian Andersen, famous for their romantic compositions. Musante's silkscreens and unique works are often enriched with polymateric details, collage and glitter, and are produced in numerous formats.

Musante's works are widely demanded by private and institutional audiences, therefore his medium-high prices are stable.

Dimensions 23x20 cm

Polymateric silkscreen print by Maestro Francesco Musante with gold leaf, silver leaf, glitter and metals.

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