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Dream big | Renè

by Arte Focus™

Regular price€550,00 Sale price

Dream big | Renè

by Arte Focus™

Regular price€550,00 Sale price

When he made his debut in the art world Renè, "Nom De Plume," already had affections and predilections for the great painting of the early 20th century, starting with the best production of POP ART, born in the 1950s, which fascinated him so much that he made it his reason for living.

Of pop art he appreciates the lesson considering that this movement gave dignity of art with successful effectiveness to experimentation and innovation. He then creates his intellectual curiosity and his works are perfected both technically and stylistically.

His paintings today are constructed cn clippings from memory, with cues from the news and the small story and the big story, which easily intersect and propose a new reading of the world. Rene's world is that of the common world, of the victory of good over evil and vice versa, of the often unresolved contrasts of our society.

As in the best tradition of the new avant-gardes, Renè has renounced didactic purposes and preferred that each of his admirers be invited to find stimulation and meaning in the works they have been able to see and appreciate.

Size 60X120 cm.

Screen printing retouched on 4mm cardboard (possibility of open mounting, i.e. without glass).

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We ship only by insured express courier.
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