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Cinzano | Lorenzo Crivellaro

by Arte Focus™

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Cinzano | Lorenzo Crivellaro

by Arte Focus™

Regular price€366,00 Sale price

Lorenzo Crivellaro (Milan, 1961) is an Italian artist, designer and advertising.



A multifaceted personality, Lorenzo Crivellaro is a painter who has always been fascinated by the combination of craftsmanship and creativity, which has led him to continually experiment with styles, subjects and materials until he has found a balance that has matured and then stabilized in his most recent works.

Crivellaro's unique works and art prints, with their clearly detectable Pop Art influences, are a tribute to the everyday life of a peaceful and serene past where the characters of Carosello, the historical brands, the products, the comics and the icons of a consumerism in its infancy and we could say "innocent", come back to life as sweet memories of those who were children then; the generation to which the Milanese artist belongs lived, in fact, in a world where media bombardment did not exist and advertising accompanied everyone's life with discretion.

Size 80x100

The name of the artist is often associated with the original representations of Coca-Cola in art: the sugary drink is the product par excellence and the advertising related to it is a real aesthetic heritage shared by many generations in as many countries. For this ability to revise in a contemporary key subjects so well known and appreciated, Crivellaro is much loved by the public and his works are exhibited in many galleries, so his quotations are growing.

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