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Words and thoughts | Massimo Di Febo

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Words and thoughts | Massimo Di Febo

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Massimo Di Febo is an Italian painter, graphic artist and engraver.

Since he was a teenager he has cultivated a passion for drawing and painting, imitating the great masters of French Impressionism. He soon reaches artistic maturity, aware that painting is not only an instrument of expression and communication, but also of understanding external reality and one's inner world. The dominant theme of his works is the woman, always seen in communion between love and objective reality. Numerous group exhibitions in which he took part (among these various editions of the Sulmona Prize) and personal exhibitions always with enormous favor of collectors: recurring his presence at the Expo Arte in Bari, at the Arte Fiera di Bologna, Padova Fiera, Ancona Art. The anthology held at the Palazzetto dei Nobili in Aquila in 2002 deserves a mention. As a graphic designer he has created covers for volumes and several etched plates that the artist personally prints in his studio. His works have been acquired by the Pinacoteca Francescana in Falconara Marittima and by the Museum of Nocciano. His bibliography is also substantial, with critical interventions by illustrious scholars who have repeatedly taken an interest in his pictorial and graphic research. Worth mentioning in particular is the beautiful monograph published in 2003 on behalf of the Arte Pentagono editions entitled "Itinerant emotions", with an essay by Leo Strozzieri.


Dimensions 55x40cm

Oil on canvas by Maestro Massimo Di Febo.

" For me, woman is the creature who par excellence is the bearer of beauty and life. Unfortunately, contemporary society very often sees the female figure as an object and above all a tool for advertising campaigns. In this sense, there is a lack of the high consideration that women owe have in society. "


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