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Venezia stellata | Meloniski da Villacidro

by Arte Focus™

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Venezia stellata | Meloniski da Villacidro

by Arte Focus™

Regular price€750,00 Sale price

The painter Meloniski was born in Villacidro in 1943.
Completely self-taught, the Sardinian artist moved to Paris in 1969, then to Milan. He travels all over Europe and visits the most important museums to study the classics and the avant-garde.



He currently lives and works in the Lodi area where Meloniski devotes himself mainly to sculpture in marble, bronze and wood, in parallel with painting and ceramics.

One cannot separate Meloniski the artist from Meloniski the craftsman. The artist makes his imaginary ferment, polarizing its integral symbolicity; equally the craftsman controls the primordial elements, inherent in the material.
Close to the organic drives, to the instincts of tactility, Meloniski has developed the three tracks of his research: sculpture, ceramics and painting.
His sculpture was the knowledge of stone, wood and metal (the three elements of the earth); his ceramics exercised the plastic sense on soft and transmuting matter (water and fire); his painting, finally, involved the elaboration of a mixed technique all based on the expressiveness of color (air).

Since 1991 Meloniski has felt the need to take a break from sculpture; lighter materials, possibilities of play and invention. The material led him to use soft handmade paper supports. Here's acrylic, tempera, India ink. But the sensory experience continues with sand, fragments of fabrics, purple, synthetic gold dust. It is the feast of a liberated matter, freed from the compulsions of use. We are faced with a well-distilled sensory "patchwork". This is the condition for the perceptive concept to express the emotional factor. The magic of myth.

The paintings of Meloniski from Villacidro evoke dreamy atmospheres, in which reality is transfigured into a surrealist fairy-tale scenario: characters float in the sky playing their instruments, fish plough through sleeping cities, kites soar among the stars.

Meloniski from Villacidro's one-of-a-kind works and silkscreen prints are much loved by the public, so the Sardinian artist's prices are on the rise.

Dimensions 65x120

Silkscreen artwork by Maestro Meloniski, entirely retouched by hand by the artist. The work is made on fine German paper, screen printing with more than 40 color steps. Live are much more recognizable interventions made by the artist.


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